An Amsterdam based hacker collective

Learn to understand your technology.

IJhack has been giving free ijDuino workshops since late 2014, so-far over 30 people have made their own digital gadget. After some brainstorming the next logical step was to transform the gadget into an intranet-of-things gadget. From that simple idea spawned the ijWare platform

For more information about our collective, check out the IJhack site.

Our main goal is to give people the base ideas and tools for them to create their own awesome projects.

A lot of people are scared of technology and electronics in particular. We focus on empowering people by giving them the knowlege and tools they need to think "yes, I can" instead of "I could never" . .

We think that by teaching simple electronic skills and at the end of a workshop have a nice gadget, toy or new tool to play with and show other people is the best way to teach the world.